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Located at the corner of Phillip and Albert streets in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada; Brady's supplies quality local, natural drug-free and specialty meats, grocery items, custom products and quality imported European items to a diverse customer base that stretches across Southern Ontario. We are proud to have served our community since 1999!

We hope to provide even greater service through our website by featuring product information, recipes and eventually online ordering convenience. We invite you to explore all our pages and see what we have to offer. Come, visit us and taste the difference!

Latest news

2017 Holiday Hours

Our holiday hours for the 2017 Christmas season will be:

Date Hours
Friday 22 December 9am–6pm
Saturday 23 December 7:30am–4:30pm
(last day of regular hours)
Sunday 24 December 6am–3pm
Monday 25 December Closed
Tuesday 26 December Closed
Wednesday 27 December Closed
Thursday 28 December 9am–6pm
Friday 29 December 9am–6pm
Saturday 30 December 7:30am–4:30pm
Sunday 31 December 6am–3pm
Monday 1 January Closed
Tuesday 2 January Closed
Wednesday 3 January 9am–6pm
(first day of regular hours)

New at Bradys: Eby Manor Guernsey Yogurt

New at Brady's! Eby Manor Guernsey yogurt, from just north of Waterloo Ontario, between Conestogo and St. Jacobs.

Guernseys are medium-sized dairy cows which naturally produce milk with more milk solids and beta carotene than other dairy cows, giving the milk a distinctive golden colour. Eby Manor guernseys are treated well, allowed to graze outside, and are fed a mixture of non-genetically-modified hay, corn silage (whole corn plant, chopped), grain corn, and soybean meal.

2016 Holiday Hours

Our holiday hours for the 2015-2016 Christmas season will be:

Date Hours
Tuesday 20 December 9am–6pm
Wednesday 21 December 9am–6pm
Thursday 22 December 9am–6pm
Friday 23 December 9am–6pm
(last day of regular hours)
Saturday 24 December 6am–3pm
Sunday 25 December Closed
Sunday 26 December Closed
Sunday 27 December Closed
Wednesday 28 December 9am–6pm
Thursday 29 December 9am–6pm
Friday 30 December 9am–6pm
Saturday 31 December 7:30am–4:30pm
Sunday 1 January Closed
Monday 2 January Closed
Tuesday 3 January 9am–6pm
(first day of regular hours)


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