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Compliance with Standards

We attempt to make our website compliant with international standards for accessible and quality websites. We are proud to display the badges of compliance at the bottom of each page.

Brady’s next goal is to make our website compliant with web accessibility standards from the WAI so that users with alternate needs will have a rich experience as well.

If you notice a page that doesn’t work on your computer or device, please let us know.

Privacy Policy

Brady’s Meat & Deli is committed to protecting your privacy when you visit our site.

We would like to have some information about our site visitors, because we need to know how to design our website; and we would like to know how to serve you better. To get more information, we have installed Google Analytics on our web pages to collect anonymous data (in other words, information that cannot be used to identify someone) about our visitors.

The information that Google Analytics collects is:

The web address of the page that is being visited
We use this to find out what our most requested pages are
The web address of the page that referred you to our site (if you clicked a link from another site)
We use this to determine what search engines to make ourselves known to
The country, province and city of your internet service provider
We use this to determine whether we should start a delivery service
The default language of your browser
We use this to determine if we should translate our website
The name and version of your browser
We use this so we can figure out which browsers to test our site on
Your screen resolution and number of colours
We use this to know how big to make the pages
Your connection speed
We use this to know how many images use so the pages load in a reasonable amount of time
The web address of your internet service provider
Brady’s is not interested in this information
Whether you have visited the page before (i.e.: if you have a browser cookie, then you have visited before)
Brady’s is not interested in this information
How long ago you visited the page (i.e.: the date in the browser cookie)
Brady’s is not interested in this information
The operating system that the browser is running on
Brady’s is not interested in this information
Whether you have Java enabled
Brady’s is not interested in this information
Whether you have Flash enabled
Brady’s is not interested in this information

(the above list was compiled by Matt the Webmaster)

Opting Out

If you do not want Google Analytics to collect information about your web browser and internet connection, you should disable Javascript before going to our website. The only parts of the Brady’s Meat & Deli website that use Javascript is the map to our store and the Google Analytics data-collection script. Unfortunately, many other websites nowadays use Javascript extensively, so we recommend re-enabling it before visiting other websites.

If you feel strongly that we should not collect information in this manner, or have any questions or comments, we would like to know! Please e-mail us with your concerns. This information is not essential, and we would be glad to remove the script if enough people object to it.

E-mail Address Privacy

We understand that your e-mail address is private information, and we understand that by sending e-mails to people you do not know, you put yourself at risk of unsolicited e-mail (spam). Brady’s considers your e-mail address private information (and, frankly, we don’t like spam either) so we will not disclose your e-mail address to anyone.

Information Security

We keep the information you give us and the information we collect secure; and we chose Google Analytics because they do the same. The data that we have collected is only available to them if they need to give us customer support.