Very thankful

Hi Rob & Team,

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.

Ours was excellent in many ways, spent with family in my home province of Quebec. Though we travelled to my parents' house for that weekend, technically, Sheryl & I were the ones 'hosting' members of our family with a Thanksgiving Dinner on Sunday night. To that end, we brought with us the 20½ pound turkey we picked up at your store on Friday.

After the meal, and again the next day, I was more than generously complimented for how wonderful the meal had been. Many people made the same compliment more than once, so much they were impressed! Now, in all humility, I do know how to prepare a turkey, and especially how to meticulously craft a beautiful sauce to enhance the meat, so I accepted the compliments. But it also occurred to me that I would never be able to elicit those kinds of compliments without the first-rate poultry you provide (and which some farmer(s), somewhere, raise so well). A Swiss chef I knew a long time ago told me, when asked, his "#1 secret to great cuisine"; his answer (which he whispered) was ... quality ingredients!!

So, on Sunday and all day yesterday, I felt proud and happy, but also very thankful for the great butcher shop I have been going to for several years now. And I sincerely thank you for the great work and service you do for us and all of your customers. I can't imagine buying meat anywhere else.

Thank you!

Jean-Marc (& Sheryl)