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4 steps to enjoy the Best Slow Roasted Beef Ever

There are only 4 steps to enjoy the Best Slow Roasted Beef Ever:

  1. Go to Brady's and buy a great Chuck Roast
  2. Get Rob's perfect recipe from one of the great staff members
  3. Buy the special Dijon mustard at Brady's
  4. Follow the recipe to the T

Be prepared for the best tasting, fall apart, melt in your mouth beef you have ever had. Due to the results of this Beef Roast I am now the designated Beef Chef at our house.

Special Thanks to Rob and the staff at Brady's!


A note of thanks

Last week I got some tenderloin to make steak tartare. It's the second time I got this from Brady's. Tartare has been a family tradition on special occasions as long as I can remember. The last time we had it, I took the crown from my Mom as "Chef de Tartare"… no easy task, but I have to share the credit with you for the excellent tenderloin. I also get my bottom round from you for my annual Christmas saurbraten. I just wanted to let you know how great it is to have a quality supplier that you can rely on every time for the best product. Brady's never disappoints.

Thanks again!


Best dinner we have had in years

We ordered a Turducken from Brady's Meat & Deli for our family Christmas dinner. It was 18lbs and fed more than 25 people and we still had leftovers for sandwiches. For anyone who has ever wondered if they should try a Turducken let me say that it was the best dinner we have had in years. The meat was moist all the way through and getting a taste of Turkey, Duck and Chicken all on the same plate was amazing. All of our guests were in awe and complemented the chef all night long. Thank you to Brady's for making our holiday dinner memorable and enjoyable.

Richard Straka

Very thankful

Hi Rob & Team,

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.

Ours was excellent in many ways, spent with family in my home province of Quebec. Though we traveled to my parents' house for that weekend, technically, Sheryl & I were the ones 'hosting' members of our family with a Thanksgiving Dinner on Sunday night. To that end, we brought with us the 20½ pound turkey we picked up at your store on Friday.

After the meal, and again the next day, I was more than generously complimented for how wonderful the meal had been. Many people made the same compliment more than once, so much they were impressed! Now, in all humility, I do know how to prepare a turkey, and especially how to meticulously craft a beautiful sauce to enhance the meat, so I accepted the compliments. But it also occurred to me that I would never be able to elicit those kinds of compliments without the first-rate poultry you provide (and which some farmer(s), somewhere, raise so well). A Swiss chef I knew a long time ago told me, when asked, his "#1 secret to great cuisine"; his answer (which he whispered) was ... quality ingredients!!

So, on Sunday and all day yesterday, I felt proud and happy, but also very thankful for the great butcher shop I have been going to for several years now. And I sincerely thank you for the great work and service you do for us and all of your customers. I can't imagine buying meat anywhere else.

Thank you!

Jean-Marc (& Sheryl)

A hidden gem in Waterloo

Hi Rob,

Just spotted your pic in the Grand magazine. What a hunk! I mean the hunk of beef on your shoulder.

It has been 5 years since a natural health practitioner referred us to your butcher shop for hormone-free meats. There is definitely a difference in the taste and quality of your meat products.

Your shop and staff are truly a hidden gem in Waterloo. Besides the selective products you choose to carry, you and your staff make customers feel so welcome in your store. I always leave with a smile.

We really appreciate what you offer to this community. Thank you.


The Ross Burger

Hi Rob,

The custom burgers you prepared for my party were a huge success. Thank you for the great service and the tasty burgers.

I'm looking forward to your special Baseball Steaks.

Thank you Rob!


A hidden treasure in Waterloo

I was directed here by a colleague for baby back ribs for my crock pot and was told that Brady's Meat and Deli had the best meat in Waterloo. I went there and Rob Brady was the one that helped me with my selection, I chose a decent size of the ribs and then also his famous lamb sirloin marinated by him as I read from reviews that they're highly recommended. The ribs were excellent, they fell right off the bones and with the sauce I bought from Brady's they were so mouth-watering. And the lamb, oh boy, the best lamb I've ever had. I BBQ'd them and they were so tender even though I accidentally caught it on fire for a few seconds, I thought it would've been burnt and tough to chew but it turned out to be more than I expected! Also the cherry tomatoes they offer on the vine are so sweet, you can tell they were grown very well just by the quality of them. Highly recommend Brady's for everyone, it's a hidden treasure in Waterloo! Will always be a loyal long-term customer as long as I am living in Waterloo.


Best burger I've ever had

Just had a bacon/cheese burger, with some hot mustard and I just wanted to say it was the best burger I've ever had. So good that I had to take the time to write this testimonial!

Doug Fickling

Best Meats I've Ever Tasted

Hands down, the best lamb, beef sirloin, beef striploin, and prime rib I've ever eaten have come from Brady's. I've tried meat from several other butchers and restaurants, and none of them comes close to the flavour, tenderness, and consistent high quality that is status quo at Brady's.

On top of the quality of the meat, the service and friendliness of Rob Brady and the entire staff makes shopping here like visiting friends.

Thanks, Rob, for all the great meals.

Fred McLeod

Fantastic Baseball Steaks

Hi Rob,

Thank you again for recommending your baseball steaks for our church men's retreat. 170 hungry guys showed up last night to the smell of steaks on a charcoal grill. I checked with several tables during the meal and everyone I asked said their steak was fantastic. I paricularly liked that with the baseball steaks, each steak is the same size, which made it easy for us to cook up 190+ steaks for the event. I appreciate the personal service and attention you guys give to make sure your customers are happy. Keep up the great work!

J. Austen


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