We finally found the best ground beef we've ever had

A little history about us first.

Michael is a meat guy. He hunts and dresses his own deer. We buy meat and cut/grind/blend our own. We have tried beef from Mennonites, at least 4 butchers. We can't buy frozen burgers because they all taste freezer burnt (flash freezing?)

My mother always shopped at Benkners (50 years ago) and I still buy a few favourite things, now at Brady's.

So 2 weeks ago we came in and bought some wagu burgers (they were good) and 4 lbs of your own ground burger.

Today we made burgers, and OMG!

Angels sang, unicorns danced and tastebuds weeped with happiness. We finally found the best ground beef we've ever had.

(Just the smell alone, when first opening the bag, we knew they were going to be good) but wow..just..wow.

As long as it continues to be this amazing, we will be buying your ground beef in bulk.

And we will now try other cuts of beef from you as well.

Thank you!

Tanya and Michael