If it wasn’t for our loyal customers, we wouldn’t have a business! Your opinions are very important to us, and we strive to please you with the quality of our products and our friendly service. We invite you to tell the world what you have to say about us right here!

Nurturing a Community

Dear Rob,

I know the past week has been tough for many in the food business. Last night, as I read an article outlining recalled meats I felt both grateful and confident in the products I feed my family and friends - products we purchase from your store.

Thanks for carrying quality foods. You are nurturing a community.

Out of the Cold

Dear Rob:

We would like to thank you for your support of the Out of the Cold program at First United Church in Waterloo. Not only do you provide meat at an excellent price, the quality is superb. The meat is very lean and makes an excellent meal for our guests.

We have been recommending your store to our volunteers. I hope that [you] have seen some of them at your business.

"They really know your product"

Just a quick note to let you know how much we enjoyed your egg nog. It is delicious! The kids also appreciated the chocolate milk and we polished off a 1 litre bottle in a day easily!

We are looking forward to try your un-whole milk as my son has had dairy issues in the past. Hats off also to Brady’s in Waterloo. They really know your product.

Keep up the great work!

Absolutely Spectacular Lamb

[The] lamb was absolutely spectacular. That was the best piece of lamb I’ve ever eaten.

It could’ve been eaten with just a fork, how tender it was. I stuffed it with goat cheese and fresh rosemary.

This dish was my most fabulous food creation I’ve ever made.

Thank you very much for [the] excellent and personalized service at your store. You are a very entertaining butcher, I have to admit. You kept me very interested at your store.

Thanks to Nancy as well for her help and excellent service.

It was my first time at your store and I was impressed with inviting and warm atmosphere around.

Job Shadowing

Dear Rob, Liz, Marlese, Lauren and Jenn:

I would like to thank you for allowing me to come to Brady’s for “Bring your kid to work” day. I had the best time. It was so much fun. The Things that I enjoyed were: working the cash, it was fun when I got to help with the groceries, and pricing all the chocolates and tasting them too! Pounding the schnitzel was cool and awesome. The things I didn’t like were mopping and sweeping, but I did learn that A CLEAN SHOP IS A HAPPY SHOP!

The customers were friendly and I like talking to them.

Rob, Thank you so much for the treats.

Liz, Marlese, and Lauren and Jen for taking the time with me and being nice to me.

"Our Butcher"

I just wanted to say how grateful we are that you take the time to do so many little things that make us feel as though you are truly our butcher. We would never even think of buying our meat anywhere else but from you. The fact that we have a 30-minute drive to get to your store is of no consequence to us because you provide everything we want from a butcher or any shop keeper for that matter and that is: excellent product and the type of unsurpassed throw back service we crave, service whereby you make us happy to spend our money. You’re a great guy Rob.

Quality Meat, Preparation Advice and Outstanding Service

We were introduced to Brady’s Meats about 1 1/2 years ago. Among our favourites are Rob’s Famous Lamb Sirloin steaks, Brady’s Famous Marinated Top Sirloin steak and the striploin grilling steaks. We have never had meat that equals the consistent quality that we have been experiencing since shopping here. We highly endorse all your meat products as well as preparation advice, and your outstanding customer service.

Try the rest, then buy the best!

We shop at Brady’s Meat & Deli because of the superior quality of their products and the friendly, helpful staff. I overheard my husband telling someone he’d bought steaks at supermarkets but Brady’s was definitely superior. As they say, Try the rest, then buy the best!

Top Quality Meats for Inspired Culinary Students

I found out about Rob Brady’s Deli a few years ago. The minute I needed a reliable, top quality meat supplier for my cooking class venues. Brady’s was my first choice, hands down. Since then, I have sent HUNDREDS of eager and inspired culinary students to Brady’s for top grade (hence foolproof) meats. I needed a supplier that the public (that I teach) can have equal access to…. Brady’s is the best, I stand behind my butcher.


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