The British Connexion

Our head butcher grew up in England, so we frequently bring in the best foods from the UK! Tea, biscuits, sweets, groceries — whatever reminds him of home.


Brady's sells many different teas imported from England. We sell Yorkshire Gold, Barry's Orange Pekoe, Bewley's Breakfast Tea, and The Original Scottish Blend, among others. We also stock many other herbal, black and green teas from around the world. Come in and try some today!

Biscuits and Sweets

We have a large selection of biscuits and sweets from the UK and Europe. We also have McVities Digestive biscuits, Jacob's Club bars, Yorkie bars, Cadbury Flake and Chocolate bars, and more!


We also sell:

Scottish Products

Brady's now has many quality Scottish products available. Our popular products include:

  • Assorted small and large pies,
  • Black pudding,
  • Haggis (ceremonial, links, pies or sliced), and,
  • Potato scones.