If you are looking for top quality lamb, then we have it! We carry fresh Ontario, Alberta, and Welsh lamb. Australian lamb is also available upon request.

We sell the following cuts:

  • Frenched rack of lamb,
  • Ground lamb,
  • Lamb legs (bone-in long-cut, bone-in short-cut, semi-boneless, rolled, or butterflied; seasoned or plain),
  • Loin chops,
  • Shanks,
  • Shoulders (boneless),
  • Sirloin steaks (plain or seasoned), and,
  • Whole lambs (for your freezer).

All the Alberta and Welsh lamb that we sell is certified Halal.

Our Specialty Products

Lamb sirloins

Our lamb sirloins are by far our most popular item! We have them available plain, but we highly recommend trying our marinated lamb sirloins, which have been prepared with a mint and rosemary seasoning with a hint of red wine!

Whole Lambs

Whole local Wellseley lambs are available for your freezer. Just call ahead and we would be happy to cut and wrap to your requirements.