Most of the milk we sell in glass jars, so a small deposit is required: however, you receive a full refund when you return the empties. Bagged milk is also available, by special order.

We regularly stock:

  • Regular milk:
    • 1L cartons of half-and-half cream,
    • Sour cream, and,
    • Whipping cream.
  • Guernsey milk:
    • 1L bottles of 2%,
    • 1L bottles of chocolate, and,
    • 500mL bottles of chocolate milk.

Due to demand, we only sell the following types by-order:

  • Regular milk:
    • 1%,
    • 2%,
    • Chocolate,
    • Homogenized, and,
    • Skim milk.
  • Guernsey milk:
    • Cream-Top Whole Milk (4.8%).

Brands we sell

We carry fresh local milk from Hewitt's Dairy from Hagersville Ontario! Hewitt's has been serving the Hagarsville community since 1887, and is committed to quality, customer-service, environmental stewardship, and the humane treatment of animals.

We also carry fresh, local, Guernsey milk and yogurt from Eby Manor, from just north of Waterloo Ontario, between Conestogo and St. Jacobs. Guernseys are medium-sized dairy cows which naturally produce milk with more milk solids and beta carotene than other dairy cows, giving the milk a distinctive golden colour. Eby Manor guernseys are treated well, allowed to graze outside, and are fed a mixture of non-genetically-modified hay, corn silage (whole corn plant, chopped), grain corn, and soybean meal.