British products

We sell a lot of British products! See our British Connexion product page for more information.


Brady's carries a large assortment of coffees from many different brands. Please visit us for more information.


For more information see our cheese product page and milk product page!


We regularly stock both regular and free-range eggs. We are proud to work directly with the farmer, who delivers them to us fresh every Thursday after having them graded and packaged by local EGG Limited in Wellesley Ontario.

European items

Brady's stocks many hard-to-find European items:

  • German wieners,
  • Delba rye bread,
  • Zoute drop (salty liquorice) candies from Venco,
  • Em-eukal candies,
  • Hungarian sausage,
  • Landjäger,
  • Mustard from Kühne,
  • Perogies and pelmeni (frozen) from Pelmen Foods,
  • Pickles from Hengstenberg,
  • Knödel (potato dumplings) from Dr. Willi Knoll,
  • Pumpernickel from Mestemacher,
  • Ritter Sport chocolates,
  • Zwieback rusk (Melba toast) from Brandt,
  • Sauerkraut (canned) from Hengstenberg,
  • Spätzle (German egg noodles) from Bechtle,
  • Speculaas / Spekulatius (shortbread cookies; available only at Christmas),
  • Stollen (German fruit cake; only available at Christmas),
  • Stroopwafels (syrup wafers) from Bakersland,
  • Vinegar (seasoned, apfel essig (apple cider), Balsamico di Modena) from Hengstenberg, and,
  • Weisswurst (German white sausage),


We have a variety of different mustards from many different brands. We sell both German and Canadian mustards.

Neal Brothers

Our Neal Brothers products are very popular! We sell their:

  • Chips / tortilla chips,
  • Mayonnaise,
  • Salsa, and,
  • Tomato sauces.


We offer a variety of different sauces and horseradish for many types of meat; including many hot sauces from brands like Dave's Gourmet, Thai-rific, Blair's, HP, Island Son's Bajan Tyga, and our own Habenaro and Jalapeno sauces.


Brady's sells many canned vegetables, including pickles, sauerkraut, cabbage, asparagus, and tomatoes. During the summer, we also sell fresh, local vegetables for your convenience.

Other items

Some of our other grocery items include,