All of our fine pork products are locally-farmed and natural, meaning there are no antibiotics or growth hormones.

Popular cuts include:

  • Back bacon (also known as "Canadian Bacon"; plain or rolled in peameal),
  • Back ribs (plain or fully-cooked with BBQ sauce),
  • Black Forest (smoked) Ham,
  • Capricola shoulder roast (for pulled pork),
  • Ham,
  • Loin roast,
  • Polish sausage,
  • Sausage (garlic, oktoberfest and hot Italian),
  • Sexy tenders (stuffed tenderloin roasts),
  • Side bacon (single- or double-smoked),
  • Stuffed boneless pork loin chops,
  • Tenderloin,
  • Schnitzel,
  • Single and Double-Smoked Side Bacon,

Brands we sell

We get most of our pork from LiberTerre from Mississauga Ontario. LiberTerre pork is traditionally raised in compliance with the NFACC and ACA standards, fed a vegetarian diet, given no growth hormones or antibiotics, and the meat is minimally processed, to ensure the highest quality. See the attached overview presentation for more information.

We buy our berkshire pork and wild boar from Perth Pork Products in Sebringville, Ontario. Perth Pork Products is a family-run business owned and operated by the de Martines family, specializing in rare and heritage breed pigs. The pork is raised in the traditional way: in a humane environment in barns with natural ventilation and loose housing, where pigs have access to the outside air. The animals are bedded with lots of straw and their feed consists of mainly barley, soy-bean meal, vitamins and minerals; they are not given corn, antibiotics, growth hormones or animal byproducts. The farmer delivers fresh products every Wednesday.

We buy specialty sausages from Stemmler's Meat & Cheese in Heidelberg Ontario. Stemmler's is well-known in the area for their high-quality, delicious meats.

Our Specialty Products

Berkshire Pork

Berkshire Pork is one of the highest quality pork products on the market, and it arrives fresh every Wednesday from Perth Pork Products, delivered by the farmer himself! Berkshire pork is made from a breed of pig not usually found in Canada. Berkshire pork has a little more marbling than regular pork, but the meat is tender, juicy and full of flavour. More information is available from our supplier's information sheet.

Brady's Own Sausage

Brady's is proud to offer our very own sausage, made fresh in the store weekly from Liberterre pork! We typically make,

  • Chorizo,
  • Farmer's sausage (plain),
  • Hot italian,
  • Lincolnshire sausage,
  • Mild garlic, and,
  • Paprika-garlic.


Looking for a delicious family meal? Call to reserve one of our smoked, bone-in hams! During the Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas seasons, we also have spiral hams available.

Looking for sliced sandwhich meat? Try some of our fresh, fully-cooked baltic, black forest, or roasted deli hams!

Stuffed Pork Chops

A customer favourite! We take a fresh boneless pork loin, sprinkle on some spices, and stuff it with a garlic stuffing. You have to taste it to believe it!

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